New Year - Time for a Refresh!

The holidays were great and we have had time to recover and even celebrate its time to take stock of our home.

Our home is our safe haven. It is the place we go to to recharge. It is fitting that we refresh the surroundings that refresh us!

Here are a few ideas:

1. If you didn't deep clean for the holidays, its time to clean the walls and, steam the furniture, wash the curtains and pillows. (See a previous post on Spring cleaning and green cleaners.) Deep cleaning always gives me a great feeling like freshly laundered sheets! Which is a great place to start. ...

2. New Quilt/ duvet cover, sheets, towels, pillows and curtains will instantly refresh a space! If your curtains are newer then consider adding an additional panel in a color that is next to your current color on the color wheel (green next to teal with cream in the middle look fantastic next to each other and multiple colors are interesting and unexpected.)

3. Now that the foundation is clean you can take stock of anything that you don't love, or has lived a long and loving life and should be replaced, or something that is dated; as in it was a trendy purchase and that trend is over. If you cannot bear to part with anything or even pack it up; just moving it to another room will offer some freshness without losing the familiar. Mix and match artwork, add new candles.

4. Bring something from outside into your rooms. Adding flowers, houseplants, twigs, shells, pinecones, or any kind of greenery even if it is faux will bring a freshness to your space. We often overlook adding something organic but adding green plants automatically upgrades your room.

A little effort, repurposing, and maybe a few dollars and you will have a whole new look!

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