A Redesign is actually using your own beloved possessions in a new way.  We can possibly upcycle or give new purpose to things you already own.  We can edit, rearrange and refresh your things to create a new harmonious interior you will love! Suggestions may also be offered regarding paint colors or items you may want to add to your new room! My goal during a Redesign is not to change everything entirely but to

Every room should have some...
Everyroom should have a touch of greenery. If live plants are not for you then choose really good imposters! Green is a very soothing color and breathes life into a space.
Star of the Show!
Just one ulpholstered piece can make an average room truly eyecatching. Choose your "star of the show" with care. Consider cost and what it will take to maintain the piece.
Pops of color draw the eye...
Choose a color you can carry throughout your room or even your house to create a cohesive look that allows the eye to flow throughout each room of your home.
Unusual Sidetable
Adding an unusual side table beside a traditional chair creates interest and energy in a room. Side tables can be traditional or very unusual and even something that is not it's original purpose.
Old But Not Retired
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A good quality, worn leather chair just screams comfort. If your style is all about comfort, then a great classic, leather chair completely broken-in is definitely a statement piece. It is very representative that you arent willing to forget comfort in the quest for style - and you don't have too!
Set a Stage
What do you want to feel when you walk into your room? Set your stage to engender that feeling.
Show off collections
Pulling your collections together create order rather than clutter. They tell a little about the person living here. Collections can bring real style to a space.
Don't Overlook Pillows
Pillows can create a cohesive color palette, change the theme, or liven up a neutral room all while staying within a budget.
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reflect you own unique

personality. Redesign is an incredibly affordable way to create a positive change in your surroundings!



Room Consultation:  $150

Color Consultation:   $150

Personal Shopping:   $25

2 Hr Redesign:         $250

Each Additional Hr: $100

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